KS RACING Premium Wireless Air Suspension Kit - Wired Remote + Wireless Smartphone Connectivity + Back Up Manual Switch

Vehicle Compatibility: Wide Range of Makes & Models. Or Custom Kits Can Be Built To Order


  • KS Racing Air Suspension Kits features a dual design air bag and coilover design proven to handle both the street and track worlds. Take advantage of the best 33 levels of dampening adjust settings, height adjustment in lower foot as well as properties of air pressure control. The kits are design for a simple easy installation, with management system all prebuilt with hard lines, only required to run simple power cable and connect air hoses to each corner. All hoses, wiring and installation manuals are included. 

    - Pre-Built Hard Tube Management System; as seen in photos
    - 3 User Set Memory Controls
    - 1 Memory Control For All Air Out; Show Use
    - Wired OLED Display Remote
    - Wireless Smartphone Connectivity
    - Manual Backup Switch Unit,
    - Independent control of each corner
    - Left Side Only Control, Right Side Only Control, Front Only Control, Rear Only Control
    - Rise On Vehicle Start & Air Out On Ignition Off
    - Constant Air Pressure Calibration & Adjustment
    - KSPORT Coilover Air Bags - 3 Level Adjustment - 33 Levels of Dampening & Rebound, Bag Pressure Adjustment & Chassis Height Adjustment Via lower Foot
    - System can be Engineered If Installed Correctly.


    With our most recent version of the KS RACING Air Suspension Kit, we have redesigned the entire management unit and have integrated the ECU with the control box to one unit to have a sleeker yet aggressive appearance.

    Fast and easy installation, as air tank, single/dual compressor with vibration free rubber mounts, single/dual water separator, pressure sensor, system mufflers, pressure release valve, ECU, control box and power box all come attached to a wooden display board, ready to be put straight into the car once received. 

    The wire of the system is very straight forward, required to connect only a safety fuse, positive and negative cable to a power source.No messy wires and parts will be seen as all parts are design with a show ready finish.

    DIMENSIONS OF DISPLAY UNIT: 78cm by 44cm by 24cm tall

    FLOW RATE OF KS L458 PUMP/COMPRESSOR: Singular Flow Rate @150PSI is 0.64CFM

    AIR TANK VOLUME: 15L (4gallon)


  • Within the KS Racing Air Suspension Kit, it includes a full set of the high performance 33 levels of damping and rebound adjustable and ride height adjustable air bag coilovers.

  • With our double bellow bags that encompass a rubber cushion in between the bellows, our air bags allow smooth air bag movement allowing for the smooth shock returns when the vehicle squats and powering through.

  • Our product does not only allow for changes in air pressure, but also having the ability to adjust the maximum and minimum ride height freely through the lower foot to match up the body kit of the car to achieve the desired ride height. For some kits, camber adjustable top plates are included, whereas some include an egg bolt lower foot bolt holes for camber to be adjusted there, otherwise standard strut tops are included.

  • Note: If your vehicle is fitted with MRC/ECS/EDC, your car will need to be either programmed or require an additional cancellation kit to remove a dash fault and or speed limiter depending on make & models.


The ride height can be adjusted with ease while in the car. The ride height can be adjusted at any time to meet your desired height & comfort depending on the load of the vehicle, road conditions and user driving style, however we do not suggest adjusting whilst in motion. The vehicle’s ride height is shown on the OLED display remote control supplied with this kit. 

The adjustment range of ride height is between 0- 120/200mm. (based on different applications). It only takes 2-3 seconds to lower or raise the vehicle from minimum to maximum or vice versa. With the included wired remote control and IOS or Android smartphone application, it allows you to adjust the ride height of the car.

System allows for 4 height memories. For example; raised height, everyday ride height, lowered height then all air out height.  

System also allows for independent corner control, vehicle left/right side control, vehicle front/back control as well as entire vehicle control.

  • Shipping Australia Wide

  • Can Be Engineer Certified (abiding by ADR Rules and Regulations)
  • KS RACING Air Suspension Kits Are Available For A Wide Range Of Models And Makes. Feel Free To Send Us A Message To See If We Have Your Vehicle’s Kit In Stock. Custom Kits Are Available.

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