Air Suspension

KS RACING Premium Air Suspension Kit - Wired Remote + Wireless Smartphone Connectivity


    KS RACING Air Suspension Systems feature high quality durable air bag coilovers and management units proven to handles the stress and abuse of daily driving, dragways, burnouts pads, drift circuit and track use. Take advantage of the near infinite adjustability thanks to the adjustable lower foot, 33 levels of damping & rebound adjustments, the unmatched increased shock travel of 100-160mm and the air bag pressure adjustability of 0-140PSI.

    Our Air Suspension kits are designed for an easy bolt-on installation, otherwise very minimal modification for standard kits.

    Complete custom kits are also available to suit your vehicles specific specs or needs.

    Management units comes all prebuilt on display board ready to be put straight to use.


    With our most recent version of the KS RACING Air Suspension Kit, we have redesigned the entire management unit and have integrated the ECU and control box into one complete unit, allowing us create a clean yet aggressive hardline management unit all built on a wooden display board.

    Fast and easy installation, as tank, compressor, ECU, control box and power box all come assembled on a wooden board, ready to be put straight into the car once received. The standalone wiring kit is easy for installation as you only need to connect the positive with a fuse and negative cable to the power source. No messy wires and parts will be seen as all parts are design with a show ready finish.


    Within the KS Racing Air Suspension Kit, it includes a full set of the high performance, 33 levels of damping and rebound adjust monotube struts and ride height adjustable air bag coilovers. Our product does not only allow for changes in air pressure, but also having the ability to adjust the maximum and minimum ride height freely through the lower foot to match up the body kit of the car to achieve the desired ride height. Our most popular dual pump systems include two pumps/compressor that are significantly quieter than other competitors on the market . Each pump/compressor comes with 4 snubbers and high- tech silencers to increase noise suppression.

    The ride height can be adjusted with ease while in the car. The ride height can be adjusted at any time to meet your desired height depending on the load of the vehicle.

    The vehicle’s ride height is shown on the remote control supplied with this kit. The adjustment range of ride height is between 0- 100/160mm. (based on different applications). It only takes 2-3 seconds to lower or raise the vehicle from minimum to maximum or vice versa.

    With the included wired remote control and IOS or Android smartphone applications, it allows you to adjust the ride height of the car. System allows for 4 height memories. For example; raised height, everyday ride height, lowered height then all air out height.

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  • KS RACING x AIRLLEN Air Suspension Kits Are Available For A Wide Range Of Models And Makes. Feel Free To Send Us A Message To See If We Have Your Vehicle’s Kit In Stock. Custom Kits Are Available.