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2 Inch 50mm Formula 4x4 Lift Kit to suit Suzuki Jimny XL 5 Door 2023-on - FULCRUM

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$2,250.00 $2,150.00
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2 Inch 50mm Formula 4x4 Lift Kit to suit Suzuki Jimny XL 5 Door 2023-on - FULCRUM

2 Inch 50mm Formula 4x4 Lift Kit to suit Suzuki Jimny XL 5 Door 2023-on - FULCRUM


The most comfortable lift kit, both off & on road. Perfect for touring, tough tracks and the beach. Proven in harsh Australian conditions.

2 Inch 50mm Formula 4x4 Lift Kit to suit Suzuki Jimny XL 5 Door 2023-on

After you have purchased this lift kit, someone from our team of suspension experts will call you to confirm your order details, your requirements, and your vehicle specifications. All to ensure that we give you the right product. If you purchase this lift kit using our click & fit service, we will confirm your installation date at the same time.

High Level Product Details

Formula 4x4 Enhancement Lift Kit designed to lift the vehicle 50mm and provide the ultimate in handling and control, both on and off road. Where applicable the spring rates of this lift kit can be adjusted to handle different front and rear loads. If you would like to change the specified spring rates of this lift kit, please give us a call, send us a message or leave a comment when you purchase this 4x4 lift kit.

  • extended brake lines and diff breather lines to allow full droop with maximum safety
  • DOT3 brake fluid for the ease of installation
  • replacement cross member to allow droop of drive shaft and strengthen chassis
  • special tuned shock absorber and spring combination to ensure ride handling and stop coil dislocation
  • Front Radius Arm Kit included to ensure correct caster settings and front diff angle correction 
  • Low Pressure Nitrogen for fade free performance
  • Designed and built for Australian conditions
  • Tested, fitted and supported by 4WD 24/7
  • SuperPro Hybrid bushings on all Front Struts
  • Specifically designed for each application
  • Valve coding to suit differing spring rates
  • Comfortable yet heavy duty 4WD Lift Kit
  • Big Bore design for improved heat dissipation
  • Tapered pegs on Front Struts for increased strength
  • Unlimited Kilometer warranty. Just activate your warranty online. Learn more here 

Formula 4x4 Lift Kit Warranty

Formula 4x4 lift kits come with a 5 year / Unlimited Kilometer warranty. Just activate your warranty online. Learn more here.


Premium Lift Kit Packaging & Shipping

When purchased, this lift kit will be delivered via Fulcrum’s ‘Premium Packaging’ service. This is an all-inclusive service, designed to ensure extremely fast delivery of your order. Your suspension components will be packaged securely to guarantee they are protected during transit. We provide our Premium Packaging service for all our shipping methods. Including Deliver to Door (Home Delivery), Click & Fit and Free Pickup (Click & Collect). You can find out more about our premium lift kit packaging by visiting this page. If you have any questions, you can call us on 1800 289 050.


Lift Kit Fitting Instructions

All lift kits are shipped with a set of lift kit fitting instructions and also include details on upgrading your warranty. The instructions provided are general in nature. It is highly recommended that you get your lift kit installed by a mechanic or suspension technician, preferably with wheel alignment facilities.

This Lift Kit and its Height Variations

Suppliers are often not open about this topic from the initial purchase. However, at Fulcrum Suspensions we believe in honesty and providing customers with all the information relevant to their purchase. The below is not exclusive to Fulcrum Suspensions, every brand of lift kit and every company that sells lift kits understands the below and works through it.

In the title of this lift kit a specific height increase is referenced. Although this is accurate, due to the complicated nature of suspension and numerous varying factors between each vehicle, such as accessories, factory ride height, sag due to age, use and pre-existing conditions. There will always be a tolerance for the final lift height increase that your 4WD receives both front and rear may vary to the one listed in the products title.

If we are provided with all the correct constant load details and we supply the correct springs. Your 4WD will get the correct lift height, within tolerance of as advertised. However due to external factors the tolerance my vary as much as + or – 15mm.

External factors that affect lift heights
  • On top of our engineering, we have installed this lift kit on thousands of 4WD’s across Australia and each with various setups. This has given us the data to determine the average lift height increases. The height increase referenced in the title of this lift kit is based on that average number.
  • If the vehicle has sagged already due overloaded springs caused by age, use and accessory installation. Then lift height change will likely be greater than the one listed in the products title. However, even with pre-existing sag the lift will take the vehicle back to OE ride heights + the increased lift mentioned.
  • Every vehicle that comes off the factory floor has a tolerance variation in factory ride heights. Therefore, the final before and after measurements, both front and rear will always be different from vehicle to vehicle. Which means that even though this lift kit specifies a specific lift height in the title, due to the varying standard ride heights of each vehicle the lift you may receive will vary.
  • If you do not provide our team with the correct info then we will not be able to supply you with the corrects springs, which will affect the lift height increase. Be sure that when our team reaches out to confirm all details you give them all info required.


Springs & Lift Heights

Regarding the below, when you are order a lift kit from Fulcrum Suspensions. Our suspension experts will call you to confirm all details and requirements before processing your order. We do this to make sure you get the best service and the best lift kit for your 4WD. Don’t stress about the finer details as we will take care of it. However, we note the below so you can understand the complexity.

As springs are what lift your 4WD, to ensure you get the correct height increase (lift) it is paramount that we supply the correct springs for your 4WD’s constant loads and intended use.

Although all lift kits specify a specific lift height in the title. As your 4WD has front and rear springs this means you will have a front lift height and a rear lift height. The spring rates we supply in this lift kit are determined by the weights you carry, a suspension height increase.

Keep in mind that both the front & rear springs work in conjunction with one another. If spring rate for either the front or rear is wrong, this could cause an uneven lift. Making the vehicle nose down or nose up which is not the outcome we want. So after purchasing when talking to our suspension experts, be certain to provide our team with as much info as possible in regards to the vehicles use and also constant loads.

To get the correct springs for your car, you must match your vehicles constant load/weight to the correct spring rates. For example, if you carry 250kgs you should get a spring that best matches that load.

We recommend you get all your constant load accessories sorted before you get a lift kit installed, this will ensure you have a level lift and the best ride from the get-go and wont require future spring changes. A ‘constant load’ is the accessories/gear that will be installed or in the vehicle 24/7.

You do not want to get a spring that is rated less than the load you carry at constant. If you do this, you will overload your spring and it will sag/fail. You can overload a spring by carrying too heavy of a load (front/rear) or by towing a boat caravan that adds extra weight to the tow ball. For example, if you have a 300kg rated rear spring but load your rear to 500kg, then your rear spring would fail and sag. The same applies to the front, with various engines and accessories having different weights such as alloy bull bar, steel bull bar, bumper bars, steel winch, synthetic winch, bash plates, tow hook, batteries, diesel engine, petrol engines, etc.

The flipside to the above, is that you do not want to get a spring that is rated too high for what you carry at constant. For example, you do not want to get a spring that is rated to 300kg if you only carry 100kg constantly. If you do this you will have a very stiff ride and it could lead to suspension failure such as shock top outs, coil spring trap issues and more.

If you are carrying any dynamic load, including extra load on the weekends, or tow anything. Then you will need an airbag kit to help. Airbag kits are designed specially not to carry weight but to help support your springs to handle any extra weight you may carry occasionally, like a boat, caravan, camper, trailer, or general load increase.

Again, please don’t stress too much about the above. As, after you order this lift kit, our suspension experts will call you to make sure you get the right kit, by confirming all your vehicle details and requirements.

If you have any questions, before you make a purchase. Please use our online chat or call us.

Foot Note 1 Please note matching spring rates with your vehicles weight is critical to performance. If you are unsure of your vehicles rear load or the spring rate you should get. Then please send us a message or call us to make sure you get the right spring rate.
Foot Note 2 Kit contains: 4 x Formula Shocks, 4 x King Spring Coils, 1 x SuperPro Caster Bush Kit, 1 x SuperPro Cross Brace Kit, 1 x Extended Brake Line Kit (incl. DOT3), 1 x Differential Breather Line Kit, 1 x Extended Shock Bolt Kit
Foot Note 3 Kit content: 50033 x 2, 50034 x 2, FCS-738X x 1, FCS-739X x 1, SPF5237K x 1, TRC5529 x 1, SPF5530K x 1, TRC9001 x 1, TRC9008 x 1
Components Per 1 Kit
Sub brand Fulcrum 4x4
Product Note This kits default rear spring, has been specifically designed for heavy-duty use on vehicles that have a constant 0-100kg load.
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