The Air Lift Performance 3P Air Suspension system is an advanced air management system designed for precise and dynamic control of ride height and air pressure. Key features and details of the system include:

  1. Precise Height and Pressure Control: The 3P system allows for meticulous adjustment of both ride height and air pressure, enabling users to achieve the perfect setup tailored to their preferences and driving conditions​​.

  2. Pressure-Based Management with Programmability: This system is pressure-based and includes five user-programmable pressure presets. This feature allows for easy adjustment and customization according to individual needs​

  3. Four Corner Air Spring Control: The 3P system offers individual control of all four corners, ensuring balanced and responsive handling of the vehicle. This level of control is particularly beneficial for performance and enthusiast driving​

  1. Advanced Wired Digital Controller: The system includes a wired digital controller that displays pressures for all four air bags as well as the tank pressure. This controller is equipped with a full-color, backlit screen and is rotatable for ease of use​

  2. Compatibility with Ride-Height Sensing Technology: The 3P can be upgraded with ride-height sensing technology. This addition allows the system to combine the benefits of pressure-based control with ride-height sensing, offering an unparalleled level of suspension management

The Air Lift Performance 3P system is thus a versatile and advanced solution for those seeking enhanced control and customization of their vehicle’s suspension.

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