Twin Subaru WRX Slammed With Air Suspension - Hot Imports Night with KS Racing.

Sydney's Duo Subaru WRX Beasts. Both Cezar's & Jarad's WRX slammed on the ground with our KS Racing Premium Wireless Air Suspension Kit on display at the 2021 Hot Imports Night.

Key Features of the KS Racing Premium Wireless Air Suspension Kit

Management Unit:

  • KS Management Unit all built on wooden carpeted display board.
  • KS 6.0 ECU with Primary OLED Remote Control, Bluetooth Application & Backup Manual Switch
  • 15L Large Air Tank
  • Dual L458 Quiet Vibration Free Pumps/Compressors
  • Dual Water Separator/Trap
  • Air Tank Automatic Pressure Release Valve
  • Air Tank and Pump/Compressor Pressure Sensor
  • Hard Air Lines in the Colour Options of Gold, Silver or Black
  • Noise Silencer/Mufflers that are removable
  • KS Double Bellow Performance Air Bags
  • K SPORT Air Bag Shocks

System Features

  • 4 Memory Preset Levels with 1 Already Set for Fully Air Down
  • Individual Corner Control of the air bags
  • Individual Left/Right Side Control of the air bags
  • Individual Front/Rear Control of the air bags
  • System can be serviced individually
  • Spare Parts for management unit & air bag struts are kept in stock in Sydney
  • System Itself can be Engineer Certified & ADR Approved
SUBARU WRX on Air Suspension in SydneySydney Subaru WRX on Air Ride SuspensionGold Subaru WRX on Air SuspensionSlammed Gold Subaru WRX Air Suspension Management Unit with Hardlines All Built
Club Sprinter Slammed Subaru WRXSubaru WRX Slammed At Hot Imports Night
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