Holden Commodore VE SSV KSPORT Coilover

Holden Commodore VE SSV KSPORT Coilover

KSPORT Coilover Kit // Holden Commodore VE SSV // KS Racing Workshop


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► Right after picking up the car, the owner knew he needed a proper suspension setup over the existing struts & lowering springs.

► Booked straight into the workshop for a set of our KSPORT PRO Coilovers with our Polyurethane Strut Tops to replace the damaged original tops

► KSPORT coilovers offer a staggering 33 levels of dampening and adjust. With its Mono Tube design it provides the best for both comfort and performance on street and track.


▪️A&B Motorsports


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▪️ 02 9905 9523

▪️ www.shopksracing.com

▪️ www.ksracing.com.au

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