► One of our local boys, Harry came in store and enquired about lowering his car as he was tired of the original height of his Fozzie. Heard that our KSPORT Coilovers would do the job, without any hesitation, Harry insisted to get them installed asap. So we squeezed his installation in for the first job the day after.

► Harry wanted to drop his car as far as possible before his mud flaps would begin to scraped. So as requested, thats what we provided. Not mentioning that there is still a lot more room to drop if the muddies weren’t.

► Upon pickup, Harry was stoked and was considering trimming down the muddies to get his ride even lower.

► Before and After photos are below.

► If you have any inquiries about KSPORT Coilovers for your vehicle, feel free to drop us a DM or shoot through an email. We always love to get involved.


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▪️39 Winbourne Rd, Brookvale, 2100, NSW
▪️02 9905 9523
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